4 Ways To Turn Your Crappy Week Around + Week In My Life

  We have all been there.  We wake up monday morning and you don’t have to do anything and you already have a bad attitude for the day. It happens to the best of us!  Maybe you gave your crush your number and he still hasn’t texted you.  Or you just want to stay in... Continue Reading →



It's the last day of the first week of the new year, and I already know this year is going to fly by so fast.  2017 was a year full of memories and life changes.  I ended 2017 with a road trip to Richfield and began 2018 with a road trip back home.  Being in... Continue Reading →

O’Hara Family Roast 2017

With Christmas festivities ending, I thought I would end this Christmas season with a bang.  This time of year is all about love and spending time with family so what better way to do this than to do a family roast that my siblings and I wrote?  So without further ado, enjoy the O'Hara Family... Continue Reading →


We are a week into December , can you believe it?  Since it is officially December we can all listen to our Christmas playlists without anyone telling us that it is “too early” for Christmas.  Lets face it, we have all been told that or even been the one telling people. Buuuut now that it’s... Continue Reading →


Thanksgiving is over and all things Christmas are beginning.  Before you know it the year is going to be over.  Does anyone else feel like the year just flashed before your eyes? Cause same.  I look back and think of what happened this year and I feel like it was a pretty successful year.  I... Continue Reading →

to mom

When I think of my mom, many things come to mind.  My mom is not just a mom.  She is my #1 fan, biggest supporter, cheerleader, best example, shoulder to cry on, best friend & so much more! My mom has been there for me through it all, even when she didn't need to be.... Continue Reading →


In high school I had to quit dance because I didn't take my dad seriously when he said I had to get a certain GPA/grades in order to stay in dance.  I was so sad the day I had to tell my dance teachers that I couldn't be on the team anymore.  I let my team down... Continue Reading →

Best 3 Years

About 3 years ago I started my journey as a college student & yesterday it all came to an end. The past 3 years have been the best & the worst years of my life, but never would I change anything that has happened in those 3 years. I had a lot of learning opportunities,... Continue Reading →

it’s okay.

it's raining outside, I can hear my roommates outside of my room laughing & having fun & then there is me, inside my dark room alone typing this, listening to the "life sucks" playlist on Spotify & watching the rain, & that's okay.  it's okay to have a day like today.  it's okay to keep to yourself &... Continue Reading →

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